The Music Development Program

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (Music Development Program) provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels.

The Music Development Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across the country. It also supports teachers with high-quality and innovative resources.

All students deserve the opportunity to celebrate their musical achievements nationally. Join the growing community of teachers, students, and families who are discovering the benefits of the Music Development Program as it enriches their lives.

What are the benefits of a national standard?

  • A clear, consistent, and meaningful structure for recognizing achievement and rewarding excellence
  • An objective way to value and promote the importance of music study across the country and empower teachers and students at all levels to celebrate excellence
  • Insurance of equality for all students, no matter where they are located
  • Integrity of assessment through the constant review of adjudicators, processes, and materials
  • Enhancement of the competitive edge and awareness of performance standards on the national level

How does a national standard benefit students and their families?

  • A national standard represents an opportunity for students to measure their progress and achievements both individually and with their peers, which supports the continued pursuit of excellence.
  • All students, regardless of location, are assessed according to the same guidelines and have access to the same resources for learning and preparation.
  • Students advance based on their personal learning achievements, regardless of age or school grade.
  • Families are assured that their children are taking part in a nationally recognized and fully supported program with continued opportunities for assessment and personal development.
  • Families gain a clearer understanding of musical progress and achievement, and recognize opportunities for the personal growth of their children.

How does a national standard benefit teachers?

  • A national standard supports a solid foundation for teaching and learning excellence through a nationwide series of assessments, a network of center representatives and fellow teachers, and innovative resources.
  • Teachers have opportunities for professional growth through participation in workshops, online support and resources, and national networking.
  • A national focus on high standards and achievement enhances the overall benefits of music study and validates the teacher-student-parent partnership.
  • A national standard empowers and unifies teachers across the country and provides them with a strong voice in the national dialogue on music education.

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School Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 1:00-8:00pm | Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm | Sunday: 1:00-6:00pm


Address: 4747 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX 75035 

Phone: 972.668.6600

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