Letter From the Director

Welcome to the Music Institute of North Texas! As a parent and musician, I realize that there are a few options when it comes to music education here in North Texas. However, when I opened my personal music studio here in 2005, the response has been tremendous. I realized then that there is still a need for a different type of music school. We make learning music fun and rewarding, regardless of age, level, and musical interest; at the same time provide the best learning environment available.

What set our school apart from the others are our faculty, teaching techniques and our world-class facility. As a former student of Juilliard, Yale, and New England Conservatory, I was fortunate to be trained by some of the greatest musicians around the world. I have taken the teaching techniques from these top conservatories and adopted them into a unique style that’s suitable for students of all ages, level, and interests. We certainly understand that students have different level of interests and goals; and not all students are prodigies or destined to be music professionals. Our approach in teaching music lessons has been proven to be successful in building the best music foundation for all students, regardless if they are casual music lovers or dedicated musicians. All of our faculties are university trained, with extensive teaching and performance experience. They also are comitted to our unique teaching style and philosophy.

In addition to outstanding faculties, we also have a state of the art facility. Unlike other schools, we have spent over one million dollars in building our facility that is dedicated for music education. I was personally involved in designing and construction of the building. Everything from sound-proofing, classroom dimension, to performance hall was designed and build from the ground up specifically for the best musical education experience.

As you can see, we are setting a new standard in music instructions in the North Texas area for all ages, level and interests. We invite you to learn more about our school by exploring our website and contacting us for more information. Thank you for your interest in the Music Institute of North Texas.

Dr. Melody Ouyang , DMA
Founder and Director

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School Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 1:00-8:00pm | Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm | Sunday: 1:00-6:00pm

Email: Info@MusicInstituteNT.com 

Address: 4747 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX 75035 

Phone: 972.668.6600

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