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2009-2014 Student Winners from M.I.N.T. 

  • Plano Trophy Competition 2014


    Group 1

    1st prize Giselle Manezes

    2nd prize Audrey Tan

    Group 2

    1st prize Angelina Leng

    Group 3

    1st prize Kaitlyn Ouyang


    Group 1

    1st prize Julia Lin

    Group 2

    1st prize Benjamin Liu

    Dallas Solo competition 2013

    Denise Xu & Audrey Tan--1st Prize in 3rd grade & 5th grade category

    Julie Trinh--2nd Prize in 5th grade category

    Angelina Leung--3rd Prize in 3rd grade category.

    Benjamin Liu & Giselle Menezes--4th Prize in 4th & 3rd grade category

    Julia Lin, Rachel Liu, Jaden Ouyang, Kaitlyn Ouyang, Christopher Sculley, Karen Sculley, Helena Song--Honorable Mention

    PMTA Trophy Competition

    1st Prize—Bernard Xu 1st Prize--Karen Sculley

    2nd Prize—Jason Lin

    HM—Kevin Wang
    HM—Esther Burnett
    HM—Philicia Chow

    FMTA Trophy Competition
    2nd grade Division
    1st Prize—Ashley Poon
    2nd Prize—Julia Lin
    3rd Prize—Isabelle Han
    4th grade Division
    1st Place—Autumn Tan
    1st Place—Karen Sculley
    2nd Place—Christine Wu
    3d Prize—Daniel Shu
    HM—Elena Zhang
    6th grade Division
    1st Place—Kevin Wang
    2nd Place—Christopher Sculley
    3rd Place—Allison St. John
    8th grade Division
    1st place—Bernard Xu
    2nd place—Yitian Zou
    3rd place—Cornelia Chow
    10th grade Division
    2nd Place—Emily Lo
    HM—Sabrina Chow
    HM—Angela Yin
  • Collin County Young Artist Competition
    Grand Prize-Jason Lin
    2nd Prize—Esther Burnett

    Texas State Contest—Local Round
    Solo Winner—Emily Lo
    Concerto Winner—Philicia Chow

    Dallas Solo Competition
    4th grade Division:
    1st Prize—Christine Wu
    2nd Prize—Karen Sculley
    HM—Kevin Wang
    6th grade Division:
    1st Prize—Jason Lin
    2nd Prize—Sadiya Abdul
    3rd Prize—Michelle Tong
    HM—Allen Shufer
    HM—Christopher Sculley
    8th grade Division:
    4th Prize—Yitian Zou
    HM—Bernard Xu

    DMTA Symphonic Festival
    Sonata Division
    1st Prize—Christopher Sculley
    2nd Prize—Jason Lin
    3rd Prize—Karen Sculley
    Concerto Division
    2nd Prize—Bernard Xu


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