School Policy 2018-2019

SCHOOL YEAR: The school year runs from Aug 20, 2018 through July 28, 2019.

Any permanent schedule changes need to be received by our office in writing.  Faculty cannot make schedule changes. Lessons will not be offered during the holidays listed on the MINT calendar.  The holidays will not change the overall number of lessons received each year.

TUITION AND FEES: The value of the year’s tuition is divided into equal, pro-rated monthly installments. Although the number of lessons varies from month to month, the monthly tuition remains unchanged. The first payment will be charged on the first day of lesson. All remaining payments are due on the 1st of each month.  The tuition and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

DECLINED PAYMENT FEE – A $30 fee will be charged for all declined payments.

WITHDRAW: There is no long-term contract. To discontinue lessons and suspend automatic charges prior to the completion of the year, please notify MINT directly by filling out a Withdrawal Form ONE FULL MONTH PRIOR TO THE 1ST OF THE MONTH.  (For example: For withdraw form received on Oct 20, the last day of lesson would be Nov 30). Withdraw form must be given to the front desk.  Notice given to the instructor only is not sufficient, and non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from lessons.  If a one full month withdrawal notice is not provided, the tuition and fees for the entire month are still due and payable. THE LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW IS MAY 1, 2018.



All makeup lessons have to be done prior to the last day of lesson or enrollment, or prior to the end of the current school year, whichever date occurs first.  All makeup lessons have to be scheduled after October 1st as we do not schedule makeup lessons from the beginning of the school year through September 30th.

PRIVATE LESSONS: It is the responsibility of the student or parent to notify the front desk (not the teacher) at least 24 hours in advance for all absences.  If the absence is due to illness, at least ONE HOUR notice is required.  Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the lesson and will not be eligible for make-up lessons. A mutually agreed upon makeup lesson cannot be rescheduled for any reason after a confirmation email has been sent.

There is a maximum of 3 make-up lessons per year. Make-up lessons need to be arranged through the front desk only. On occasions, the make-up lessons may be with another qualified teacher.

GROUP LESSONS: There will be no make-up lessons for group classes. However, the student may try to attend a similar class, if available.  This may be arranged with the front office and is not guaranteed

TEACHER ABSENCES: In the event that a teacher is absent, MINT will provide a highly qualified substitute who will ensure the proper continuity of students’ classes. If a substitute teacher is not available, we will make every effort to contact students to arrange a make-up lesson.

LATE PICKUP:  MINT is not able to provide childcare/supervision after the student's designated lesson times.  If the student is not picked up on time, a charge of $5.00 initial late fee, and $1/min for every minute after the lesson will be deducted from your account on file.

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  MINT has set a few designated dates on our calendar for inclement weather makeup. MINT will makeup lessons due to inclement weather closures at those designated dates. The dates for the inclement weather make-up are marked on our school calendar in advance. If you are not able to attend the make-up lessons, these lessons will be forfeited.

MINT reserves the right to withdraw or discontinue any class for which enrollment is insufficient to organize or continue.  MINT also reserves the right to dismiss any students who demonstrates inappropriate conducts at the MINT premises.

Only enrolled students and/or their parents may attend the class sessions. In order to maintain an orderly and effective classroom atmosphere, no additional family members are allowed. Guests may be invited by permission of the teacher or administrator only.

RELEASE: Any photographs, audio, or videos of student or families on MINT facilities or events may be used in promotional publications or press releases. There will be no compensation for the release. For the safety of our students and staff members, all public areas are being monitor by video and audio equipment.


School Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 1:00-8:00pm | Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm | Sunday: 1:00-6:00pm


Address: 4747 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX 75035 

Phone: 972.668.6600

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