Are All Music Schools the Same?

Here’s Why Music Institute of North Texas is the Right Choice.

  • Our music Director and founder, Dr. Melody Ouyang, was trained at the Julliard School, Yale University, and the New England Conservatory, with extensive teaching and performance experiences.
  • All of our teachers have instrument specific music degrees with extensive teaching experiences and pedagogical training. They only teach the particular instrument in their specialty.
  • We are a Founding School for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.  Our teachers are trained to prepare students for the Music Development Program.  MDP is a grading system that is recognized internationally.
  • Our million-dollar facility is built and designed specifically to provide the best music education environment. We only use top of the line, name brand instruments. We employ state-of-the-art soundproofing system to ensure privacy and quality in your lessons.
  • We believe performance is an important part of music education.  We host recitals, festivals, theory exams, Music Development Program every year at MINT.  We are experts in preparing our students for competitions and talent shows.  Students have received exemplary results in the local, state, national and international level.  
  • We have programs designed specifically to suit all ages, all levels and all interest.
  • We teach total musicianship, our students learn much more than just playing the notes correctly.


School Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 1:00-8:00pm | Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm | Sunday: 1:00-6:00pm


Address: 4747 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX 75035 

Phone: 972.668.6600

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